Style and citation guidelines

  • Microsoft Word document, 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced
  • Footnotes, not endnotes
  • Articles: 4 000–6,000 words in length
  • 100- to 150-word abstract in English when the article is in Polish
  • 100-word biography


Colson, Ch., The Body: Being Light In Darkness, Dallas 1992.

Eliade, M., Sacrum i profanum. O istocie religijności, trans. R. Reszke, Warszawa 1999.

Sacred Narrative – Readings in the Τheory of Μyth, ed. A.Dundes, Berkeley–Los Angeles–London 1984.

Arrington, French L. The Use of the Bible by Pentecostals "Pneuma", 16, no. 1, (Spring 1994): 101-107.

Titles of books and articles should be in italics although it is not the case for periodicals. No need for the name of the publishing house either. The place of the publication should be as per original (Kraków instead of Cracow). Footnotes must be on bottom of page in a continuous numbering.


Colson, Ch., The Body: Being Light In Darkness, Dallas 1992, 25

First reference to any source must be given in full, for following references:

op. cit. (in the work cited)

Ibidem (the same, as in the same title)

Idem (the same, as in the same place)

If there is only one work of a certain author citation goes as per below:

S. Piłaszewicz, op. cit., 28 

If more only the beginning of title is needed followed by the ellipsis:

M. Eliade, Sacrum i profanum…, op. cit., 54 

Date of entry next to the website address is needed.

If you have any further questions regarding footnotes or formal side of your text please contact Małgosia Piwowarczyk